Moving to Seattle – 10 Great Things About Seattle


If you are moving to Seattle, then you want to know what makes this city great! I compiled a list of the 10 best reasons out of many that makes this city so Awesome!

The 10 reasons why Seattle is so awesome!

1. Iconic Landmarks
Seattle is home to a lot of landmarks know nation and worldwide! Enjoy the spectacular views from the Space Needle, or stroll around Pike Place Market where you can see them throw fish!! Or enrich yourself in the musical culture of Seattle at the Museum of Pop Culture. If you are in the mood for a little bit of adventure in the unknown, then the Underground Seattle tour is a must.

2. Seattle has some of the best restaurants in the World!
Known as a place with some of the best chefs in the world, restaurants that care about using local and fresh ingredients makes Seattle a foodie paradise. For a perfect night out or an awesome lunch Seattle has everything you can wish for whether it is a Korean-French cuisine, YES, or a kings crab burger you can find it here!

Best Restaurants in Seattle

3. Great Coffee
Home to Starbucks, which you can find on literally every corner here, you are not far away from good coffee. But the best coffee isn’t even Starbucks. I mean if you want a tutti frutti macchiato with extra whipped cream, then by all means go to Starbucks. But most people who live and work in Seattle, and once you move to Seattle, they don’t drink Starbucks they go to the little less know coffee places to drink a good Italian espresso, black, no sugar. Even little places like these are easy to find, often as a drive thru option only.

Best Coffee in Seattle

4. Home to nations fastest growing companies!
Home to Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Redfin, Nintendo, REI, Facebook, Google and many more. Seattle is a city that is a techie’s paradise! More then once Seattle has been named The Second Silicon Valley. Not only did many of these companies start here, but a lot of companies are moving to Seattle because of the relaxed environment, the upcoming infrastructure and no income tax. Inc. 500 has a nice article about the fastest growing companies in Seattle other than Amazon or Starbucks that’s definitely worth the read.

Inc. 500 – Seattle’s Fastest Growing Companies

5. Plenty of work opportunity!
With some of the biggest tech companies in the nation or even world, there seems to be an opportunity for anyone to change jobs or even careers! With every tech job created, 7 additional Jobs are added. Moving to Seattle makes a job/ career switch easier.

Geekwire – Seattle Tech Jobs

6. No income Tax!
Yeah, No Income Tax, what else is there to say. Great as an employee, but also great if you have your own business! – Income Tax

Enough about work. Let’s get back to the fun stuff.

7. Outdoor activities
Seattle is surrounded by mountains, water, parks and forest. There is such a variety of nature that there is always something to do. Seattle is home to the best hiking trails, for beginners to advanced hikers there is always a hike for anyone. A good place to start is the Washington Trail Association. What if you are more into water sports? Well, with access to the pacific ocean and an abundance of lakes there is plenty of room for Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Wild Water rafting, boating, water skiing, etc. What about Golf you might ask. Well we have plenty of Golf courses, all beautiful and formed by nature. Due to our climate you can play Golf year around. Moving to Seattle yet?
Seattle’s best water Activities
Seattle Golf Courses

8. We have seasons!
Yes, this is probably one of my favorite things about Seattle. We have actual seasons. I get tired of the nice heat after 4 months of 80-90 degrees and look forward to a really pretty fall. Which is still comfortable enough to be dressed in a light coat. When Winter comes, yeah it might rain a bit more here then anywhere else, but it also means that we have plenty of snow for the ski season. Once you had enough of that spring comes around the corner and everything starts to be in bloom again and with so much green around us it always looks beautiful.

Weather in Seattle

9. Beautiful Views!
Seattle definitely has the best views of any city! So good that there are multiple bars setup in the highest towers so that you enjoy the views. This doesn’t only happen in Seattle but also in the neighboring tows like Bellevue. Even when you are not at a bar, but driving on the freeway or out for a walk the views are amazing and never bore me. It truly is like we are living in a park.

Bars with a view
Best views in Seattle

10. Super dog friendly city
When your city has more dogs then children, you know we love our friend! With an abundance of dog parks, plenty of stores and restaurants that are dog friendly. This is the place to be for a dog and it’s owner. Check out the article below:

Seattle again number one city for dogs

That’s it! Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Seattle or the surrounding area!

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