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About Me

Born and raised in The Netherlands to a family of 6, I was always happy-go-lucky, curious and competitive growing up with 3 sisters. When I was 3 years old, we relocated to Huntsville, Alabama where I started learning English as a little Dutch boy in the heart of the South! Once I returned to The Netherlands at age 7, I excelled in school having had a jump start with a second language in the US. Later, if 3 sisters weren't enough, my parents fostered 3 more sisters and a brother while I was in my teens; two of which still live with my parents to this day. Next, I was off to college where I studied Commercial Economics and International Management Marketing. I studied both in The Netherlands as well as in Sundsvall, Sweden where I first met a Seattle girl by the name of Erin, that unbeknownst to me, would become my wife 11 years later.

Upon graduating college, I began working for an American video surveillance company as an assistant product line manager. This position taught me to work efficiently as I became fairly tech savvy and learned how to market products. After surveillance, I moved into the banking industry as an adviser for the International Client Desk, helping clients who were relocating from outside The Netherlands. I assisted these clients with their banking needs from simple tasks of acquiring a debit card to more complicated processes like setting them up with a mortgage. Here I gained a great deal of experience working with people from different countries and cultures.

In 2017, I finally made the big move to the US after spending a year and a half traveling around the Northern Hemisphere with Erin. I made that Seattle girl my wife and we now call the PNW home with our son, Kit.

As a Real Estate Agent, I truly value integrity and constant communication with my clients to offer a full service experience every step of the way.

Client Value

My job is to help you get the most value at the top of the range. There are 5 ways I do this:

  1. We'll walk through your property together and I'll show you ways to enhance the value so you get top dollar for it;
  2. I'll help you with a pricing strategy - not pricing it too high so you scare buyers away or too low so you leave money on the table;
  3. My marketing plan will give you maximum exposure so we attract more buyers and more contracts. The more buyer's and contracts you have, the higher you property will sell.
  4. I'll help you negotiate the best contract. Negotiation is an important skill in any market.
  5. I'm your transaction manager. There are a lot of moving parts. My job is to handle those parts so your contract closes on time.

I'm proud to provide you with authentic, honest and meaningful work to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to helping you with all your real estate needs.

"We exist to elevate and humanize real estate, every day."

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