Cougar Mountain / Lakemont

Population: 11,416
Percentage of City: 8 percent
Under 18: 2,680 (23.5 percent of the area)
Housing Units: 4,134

A mix of single-family and multi-family homes rise up the slopes of Cougar Mountain in this scenic neighborhood area that includes natural, untamed stretches of countryside. While cougars are rare, it isn’t unusual for residents to spot raccoons, deer, birds, bobcats, and even bear strolling through the area. A pedestrian trail network provides an oasis of natural beauty for all to enjoy, linking homes to neighborhood parks, neighborhoods to each other and to the Lewis Creek Park and Cougar Mountain Park,  and to the neighborhood shopping center at Lakemont.

Steep grades, upscale developments with large newer homes and spectacular views are characteristic of Cougar Mountain/Lakemont. The area is home to a large number of planned neighborhood communities, including the Summit, Forest Ridge, Vuemont and Cougar Mountain/Lakemont developments. Cougar Mountain also provides a great place for uphill biking climbs. About half of this area is in the Bellevue School District; students in the other half attend schools in the Issaquah and Renton districts.

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