Lake Hills

Population: 16,692
Percentage of City: 12 percent
Under 18: 3,436 (20.6 percent of the area)
Housing Units: 6,909

Originally developed in the late 1950s as a planned community with the Lake Hills Shopping Center at its core, the area retains much of its original single-family charm and community connections. Lake Hills is Bellevue’s most populous residential neighborhood area, including a number of smaller neighborhoods and multi-family communities. Lake Hills has two local commercial shopping centers, both recently redeveloped, including Lake Hills Village and Kelsey Creek Center. It is also home to the growing campus of Bellevue College.

The richness of the community lies in its extensive system of open space, trails and wetlands. The Lake Hills greenbelt is a wetland corridor which connects Phantom Lake on the south with Larson Lake and its surrounding blueberry fields on the north. It encompasses more than 172 acres of woods and wetlands, home to coyotes, muskrats and an array of songbirds. Robinswood Community Park is a community gathering space with its indoor tennis center, lighted athletic fields and off-leash areas for dogs.

The East Bellevue Community Council, an elected five-member body, has jurisdiction over land use decisions affecting a part of this neighborhood area.

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