Population: 9,667
Percentage of City: 7 percent
Under 18: 2,138 (22.1 percent of the area)
Housing Units: 3,786

The Newport area includes four distinct communities all known for their strong sense of neighborhood identity; the Newport Hills and Lake Heights neighborhoods east of I-405, Greenwich Crest uphill to the west of I-405, Lake Lanes nestled along Lake Washington and the Newport Shores district, which is built around a series of man-made inlets.

Newport Shores and Lake Lanes are neighborhoods built with homes oriented toward the waterfront, boating and lake activities. The Lake Heights and Newport Hills neighborhoods are cohesive communities with strong neighborhood traditions and activities. Greenwich Crest is a hidden gem of a neighborhood with beautiful views.
Once a secluded area of woods and wetlands, Newport provides a home or migratory corridor for an abundance of wildlife, including deer, coyotes, mountain beavers, raccoons, squirrels, red-tail hawks and eagles. The 146-acre Coal Creek Natural Area provides a natural wilderness buffer for the residential community and great walking trails to explore.

The neighborhood area of Newport is served by both the Bellevue School District and Renton School District.

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