West Lake Sammamish

Population: 6,252
Percentage of City: 5 percent
Under 18: 1,308 (20.9 percent of the area)
Housing Units: 2,397

The West Lake Sammamish area is oriented toward the waterfront of Lake Sammamish and Phantom Lake. Including the neighborhoods of Spiritridge, Phantom Lake, 41.5, Sammamish Heights, Rosemont Beach, Lake Manor and West Lake Sammamish, residents and visitors enjoy a variety of shoreline activities and mountain views, bike and walking trails, and the beauty of the trails within Weowna Park. Home to the Little Store, one of the oldest independent grocery stores, West Lake Sammamish retains much of its small town neighborhood charm.

West Lake Sammamish is known for its original waterfront vacation homes, as well as the newer neighborhoods along the slopes of the hillside or at the waterfront, with panoramic views to the Cascade Mountains.